Adventure Camp at Ryan Greater Noida

An adventure camp was organised at Ryan International School, Greater Noida, for classes 1-5 on 6th December, Tuesday. The Adventure camp was organized by CLIMB UP, an adventure camp whose founder is Mr. Arjun Vajpai. Mr Arjun Vajpai, who is the youngest person to summit Mount Everest and Mount Lhotse. He is a well renowned mountaineer, explorer, author and entrepreneur.

A plethora of activities were conducted during this day long adventure camp which kept the children enthralled. The students were divided into groups to ensure full participation and smooth conduction of all activities. The hours simply flew off as the children engaged in a host of activities like, Burmah Bridge, Commando Net, Spider Web, Artificial Wall Climbing, Cat Crawling, Australian Volley, Zorbing Roller, Beam Balance, Three Tyre hurdle, Double Rope Bridge, Pipe and Marble and many others under the able guidance of the trainers.

The students shouted with joy as they heaved and pulled the rope enthusiastically in the tug of war and displayed grit and courage in overcoming the challenges.

The school Principal, Ms. Sudha Singh participated in the adventure camp, motivating the children, encouraging them to indulge more and more in outdoor activities to develop a healthy, athletic and energetic body.

The Adventure Camp invigorated the children and was a welcome break from their hectic schedule. It helped them bond together as a team and enabled them to overcome their fears, learn discipline and above all develop an adventurous spirit.

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