Brahma Kumaris organize a special program on 7 Billion Acts of Goodness

Noida, 25 Sep: Today Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organisation organised a special global campaign called *”7 Billion Acts of Goodness”* at the convention hall at Supreme Towers at Sector 99 in Noida, which was focused on how we can change ourselves, our society and environment through the acts of kindness, compassion, comforting, generosity, sacrifice, forgiveness, and love. This program has already been successfully delivered more than 1300 times across more than 500 cities across 18 countries to promulgate the philosophy of pure goodness being a happiness multiplier in every aspect of our life and living including the environment and the nature. The session was conducted by BK Ram Prakash, an Engineering entrepreneur from the USA, who has been associated with this spiritual organisation for 43 years.

Acts of Goodness, as he explained is a metric intended to cleanse, sanctify and refine a wider variety of our innate actions to enkindle and restore faith in humanity, which can generate a deluge of zest, spirit and enthusiasm for universal brotherhood for all. He further added, that an act of goodness is a divine contribution towards the betterment of the society by revitalizing the energy of humane factors, that are sadly fragmenting today at all levels.

This program is an inter-faith initiative, which can be implemented at a grassroot level by an individual, family or a group of people, and on a larger scale it can be offered to the communities, organisations, institutions and the government.

*Joydeep Mukherjee*
*Media & External Relations*

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