Leprosy remains one of oldest disease of mankind which remains a health challenge even today for countries like India. India bears more than 50% burden of Leprosy cases in the world.

World Leprosy Day is observed internationally on 30th January every year. This day is chosen as a tribute to life of Mahatma Gandhi who had compassion for people affected with Leprosy. Many important events are organized all over the world on this day pertaining to Leprosy. Aim of these events is to spread  awareness about Leprosy, to mitigate stigma associated with the disease and to discuss strategies among various government and non-government organizations towards achieving a Leprosy free world.

Keeping above aim in mind, Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, School of Medical Sciences and Research, Sharda University, Greater Noida, organized Public awareness program on 28th January 2021 at Sharda Hospital premises. Educational banners were placed in the hospital to educate and sensitize patients as well as general public towards signs, symptoms and treatment of Leprosy. Prof. V. K. Sharma, Head of the Department of DVL and all doctors of the department educated patients and public about Leprosy. Medical superintendent of Sharda Hospital Dr. Ashutosh Niranjan also took part in the event.

Department of DVL, SMS & R also organized a state level online CME, LEPROSY UPDATE 2021, from 2pm to 5 pm on 28th January under chairmanship of Dr. V. K. Sharma. Dr. Shitij Goel, Professor of Dermatology was the organizing Secretary of this program and this CME was organized with support of Indian association of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprosy (IADVL), UP & UK state branch. More than 100 Dermatologists, faculty members and post graduate students from the Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand took part in this scientific event.


At the outset Dr. Shitij Goel, Professor of Dermatology, welcomed all the speakers, dignitaries of Sharda university and attendees and briefed about the schedule of CME. After than Dr. V.K. Sharma, Professor and Head, Dermatology delivered his inaugural speech and aim of the CME. It was followed by words of welcome by Dr. Ravindra Rana, President of IADVL, UP & UK state branch.

There were three guest speakers in this CME. First talk was by Dr. Hemanta Kumar Kar, Former director of RML hospital New Delhi. Dr. Kar is renowned Dermatologist who is known all over the world for his research work done in Leprosy. He has many publications to his credit and has written chapters and books on Leprosy. Dr. Kar has also delivered many scientific lectures all over the world. In this CME Dr. H.K. Kar talked about Epidemiology and current Leprosy Control Program. He talked in detail about all the work which is being done at all levels in the country. He also emphasized involvement of all healthcare workers in delivering of Leprosy Treatment services.

Second speaker of the CME was Dr. Neirita Hazarika who is HOD, Dermatology at AIIMS, Rishikesh. Dr. Hazarika talked about updates on Treatment and Newer Drugs in Leprosy. She discussed various regimens which can be used effectively for treatment of Leprosy using different drugs.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta, Associate Professor, AIIMS, Gorakhpur was the third speaker of LEPROSY UPDATE 2021. Dr. Gupta is actively involved in Leprosy research at National level and is also IADVL convener of Leprosy Special Interest Group. He delivered a talk on management of Lepra reactions. Managing Lepra reactions remain a challenging issue in Leprosy treatment hence his talk was very well received.

After guest speaker session, CME had a panel discussion on “Common Issues in management of Leprosy”. this session was moderated by Dr. Shitij Goel. Experts

who participated in this discussion were Dr. V.K. Sharma, Dr. H. K. Kar, Dr. Neirita Hazarika, Dr. Sunil Gupta and Dr. Shashank Rastogi. Dr. Rastogi is Senior Dermatologist practicing in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. There was lot of discussion and debate on aspects of Leprosy management. Experts shared their views on future scenario of Leprosy, optimum duration of MDT, use of non- MDT drugs and pure neural Leprosy among others. It was very informative and well received session.

The panel discussion was followed by Final session on Peripheral Nerve Examination by  Dr. Khushboo Arora, Senior Resident, Dermatology, Sharda Hospital. Lastly there was poster presentation session by post graduate Dermatology residents. Poster presentation session was moderated by Dr. Vibhor Kaushal, Hon. Secretary UP & UK, IADVL and Dr. Sanjeev Gulati, Assistant Professor, Dermatology, SMS & R, Sharda University.

Finally Dr. Vibhor Kaushal delivered vote of thanks to the organizing team, invited guest speakers and all the attendees. Dr. V.K. Sharma and Dr. Shitij Goel then finally declared closing of CME.

The event which aimed to dissipate and share knowledge about Leprosy was finally concluded after achieving the same goal.

यह भी देखे:-

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