RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL :  Christmas – A Season of delight, liveliness & contentment 

“A little smile, a word of cheer, a bit of love from someone near, a little gift from one held dear, Best wishes for the coming year. These make a merry Christmas!”

Ryan International School, Greater Noida celebrated Christmas with great flavor to spread the message of harmony, benevolence, delight and cheerfulness amongst everyone. The three day-long virtual festivities commenced on 21st December and continued till 23rd December 2020. A plethora of events and activities organized for all the students helped them step into a virtual magical realm and discover an immersive world of marvel and fascination. A special assembly was conducted on 23rd of December which began with seeking the blessings of the Lord Almighty. It was followed by the singing of praise, devotion songs and the Christmas carols that created an aura of bliss & serenity all around. The significance of the festival was elucidated through the Christmas story, ‘The Nativity Play’.

The display of a nativity enlightens us about the birth of Jesus and his eventual sacrifice. It also helps us appreciate the true connotation and the spirit of Christmas. An assortment of other events like special dance and rock band performance added to the brilliant celebration and brought about a smile on everyone’s face. Our mentor, honourable Chairman Sir conveyed his best wishes and blessings in the form of a special message which was read out for all by our respected School Head. The infinite joy of rejoicing the festival was evident on the faces of all the children as special games were organized for them. The students participated wholeheartedly in all the activities and events organized for them and showcased their best. The Montessori and primary students had a fun-filled time while they made Santa caps, Christmas COVID masks, greeting cards and flashcards. The students of Classes VI-VIII left no stone unturned to make the best out of their activities like Christmas speech, Quiz-o-fest, Christmas puppet mimicry, etc. The senior students also tried to put their best foot forward by participating in activities like online music contests and caption contests. The efforts put in by them were highly appreciated and applauded. The School Head, Ms. Sudha Singh ma’am conveyed her best wishes to the students and their families and motivated everyone to always spread the message of love, joy and liveliness around them. The festivity will surely go down the memory lane of all the members of the Ryan fraternity and will be cherished forever.


यह भी देखे:-

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यूपी चुनाव: मायावती ने मुख्तार अंसारी का काटा टिकट, कहा- 'किसी बाहुबली-माफिया को बसपा नहीं लड़ाएगी च...
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समय के साथ शिक्षा में सुधार जरूरी- डॉ. दिनेश शर्मा
फादर एग्नेल स्कूल में बाल दिवस पर रंगारंग कार्यक्रम
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जी.एल बजाज के वाइस चेयरमैन ‘‘राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा रत्न’’ अवार्ड से सम्मानित
गौतमबुद्ध विश्विद्यालय में  बिना देरी   शैक्षणिक सत्र 2020-21की शुरुआत  
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