Ryan’ Virtual Literary Extravaganza


RIS, Greater Noida , organized , Quintessence Confictura –  a multi-skill virtual literary event on 23rd and 24th November 2020 with the theme” Atmanirbhar Bharat”. The competition was organized to give wings to the imagination and to allow students to vent latent talents through the medium of competing in literary nuances. More than 150 students of 25 prestigious schools of Pan India from  Mumbai, Bangaluru, Jalandhar, Nagpur, Sanpada , Bennerghatta, Nalla Supara and Delhi NCR participated enthusiastically to showcase their skills.

On 23rd the students wholeheartedly participated in events like Essay writing, Debate competition,Quiz,Jingle making’Mime and Role play. Essay writing mainly focused on the topic Evolving Multi- Dimensional Approaches to address Natural as well as Human Calamitiers with our own strength and reservoir of Resources to contribute to Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Students debated aggressively stating their perspective on the Topic- Is it Appropriate for the Government to restrict Foreign Countries to create Markets in India.

Students explored their knowledge on Aatmanirbhar Bharat braving questions in preliminary round through google form and final round through enriching sessions of rapid fire and audio visual round .Jingle making gave students an opportunity to be creative and melodious and create effective message on the theme- Self Reliance.

The power of silence was displayed immaculately through mime on the topic – Impact of Technology on growth of Children.,  and,  Role Play helped students to portray eminent personalities from Varied Fields – as they enacted on the topic- Celebrating Young Leaders.

The closing ceremony on 24th Nov 2020 was graced by eminent guests  Dr. Rashmi Mishra, HOD, Biotechnology Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ms. Suchanda Vyas, HOD, Biotechnology, Noida Institute of engineering, Dr. Namita Singh Mallik, Associate Professor, Law and Chair., Galgotia University, Dr. Jaspreet Kour, GCET, Ms. Dolly Singh, Founder Poets Corner, Ms. Dolly Menon, Associate Professor Economics, Delhi University, Ms. Madhuri Kumari, Professor, Amity School of Engineering and Technology , Noida, Mr. Krishna Mohan Jha, Entrepreneur and Consultant, Digital Strategy, Ms. Suchitrita Das Chatterjee, Director Kala Srijani, Ms,. Parvathy Eshwaran, Freelance Story Teller.The guests addressed the gathering and motivated the students with their precious words of wisdom. The guests also appreciated the management of the school for training students effectively on the virtual platform. The participants got their due as the result was announced and the winners were felicitated.  As a host school our students participated in all the events but were not adjudged as a competitor.

The overall trophy was bagged by RIS, Mayur Vihar.It was a successful event much appreciated by the guests.

The Principal Sudha singh thanked the eminent guests and applauded the winners.


यह भी देखे:-

फायरिंग कर भाग रहे दो को ग्रामीणों ने दबोचा, लूट या विवाद ? जांच में जुटी पुलिस
दूध व्यापारी ने फांसी लगाकर की ख़ुदकुशी
पुलिस ने पकडे ऐसे ठग जो मोबाईल के नाम पर ....
ग्रेटर नोएडा : युवक की गोली मारकर हत्या 
आप रहें सावधान, बहुरूपिये के भेष में घूम रहे लूटेरे, दो गिरफ्तार
विदेशी नागरिक करता था एटीएम हैकिंग, गिरफ्तार
डीएम बी.एन सिंह के निर्देश पर आबकारी विभागकी कार्यवाही , शराब तस्कर पकड़ा
गलगोटिया काॅलिज में "से नो टू प्लास्टिक एण्ड सेव अर्थ" कार्यक्रम
दहेज़ के लिए विवाहिता को घर से निकाला, दस पर मुकदमा दर्ज
होलीडे पैकेज के नाम पर चल रहा था ठगी का धंधा, चार गिरफ्तार
दो मिनट में इंटरनेट की मदद से लग्जरी कार पार कर देने वाले बदमाश गिरफ्तार
सफाई के बहाने लाखों के जेवर ले उड़े ठग
कासना पुलिस ने शातिर चोर दबोचे, चोरी के सोलर प्लेट बरामद
लड़की का सहारा लेकर लूटपाट करने वाले गिरोह का पर्दाफाश, नौ गिरफ्तार
शारदा विश्विद्यालय : पत्रकारिता के छात्र रूबरू होंगे मोबाईल जर्नलिज्म तकनिकी से
नोएडा में RTE के नियम को धुँए मे उड़ाया , 2765 EWS बच्चों को 50 निजी स्कूलों ने नहीं दिया दाखिला, शिक...