Greater Noida Authority contact details

Greater Noida Authority contact details
Greater Noida is being developed as Metro centre providing for quality urban environment, to attract economic activities and population to decongest Delhi.

Set-up in January 1991 under the UP Industrial Area Development Act 1976 , provided the basic enabling framework for developing an efficient and integrated modern city with high service and delivery standards.

It provides for Planning, Developing, Regulating and Operations under a Single Authority – GNIDA.

– In Year 1991 total number villages notified were 101.
– In Year 1994 additional 23 number of villages were notified & total number was 124.
– In Year 2006 additional 188 villages were notified as development area for further Expansion of Greater Noida Area.
– Presently total number of villages notified with GNIDA and its expansion area are 293 after a few modifications as done by U.P. State Government.
Greater Noida City has the Critical Mass and Primate City characteristics as being part of a continuum of an Urban agglomeration:

* 5,075 Ha. already urbanized in Phase I
* Urbanizable area of 22,255 Ha. by year 2021
* City planned for a population of 0.7 million by year 2011 and 1.2 million by year 2021
* Industry led development – 4201 Ha. to be developed by 2021
* Residential development – 5000 Ha. to be developed by 2021
Greater Noida Notified Area – 38000 Ha Comprising of 124 villages.

* First Master Plan-2011 was prepared in 1992
* Outline Development Plan 2001 Approved by NCR Planning Board in 1996:
* 2 Sub-regional Centres Surajpur and Kasna
* Total Population 3.00 Lakh population (1.5 lakh each)
* Total Urbanisable area – 5075 Ha. (including UPSIDC area).