Sharda Tech, Founded by Prashant Gupta, Executive Director-Sharda Group has been pushing the boundaries of excellence in Information Technology. Education related software developed by Sharda Tech is proving to be an important tool for various educational institutions across the globe.

Sharda Tech started its digital campus program with a futuristic yet realistic vision of integrating and automating all business processes of higher education system with a mix of Mobile, Cloud and Server based

solutions. The idea behind evolving and digitizing campus solutions was to automate routine works, integrate departments and increase student engagement.

Management Graduate of the globally renowned Nottingham Business School, Prashant Gupta has learnt the ropes of business from his illustrious father, Mr. PK Gupta, the Chancellor of Sharda University and founder of Sharda Group. Prashant Gupta has always laid focus on new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. He is among the select young business leaders who have received prestigious honour and recognition from various industry bodies. For his numerous achievements, Prashant Gupta recently received the AsiaOne 40 Most influential Asians under 40 award in Singapore, which was validated by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In sync with Prime Minister Modi’s vision of Digital India, Sharda Tech has toiled hard right from its inception and it led to winning the prestigious "EdTech Start Up of the Year" award by Business World in its 3rd Digital India Summit 2017.

Prashant Gupta firmly believes that the youth of any nation are its fuel to keep the growth momentum going. Through his efforts, Sharda Group has been nurturing youth who are thoroughbred in new age skills and technology to play a pivotal role in the nation’s progress.

With so many achievements at such a young age, Mr. Gupta truly exemplifies the qualities of a game changer. His ability to predict what’s next and then chasing another milestone is what will see him scale many new frontiers in the coming years.

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