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Today’s digital marketplace is governed by fierce competition – and falling behind is a no business can afford. The key to succeeding as a digital business is to embrace emerging technologies and innovation, with digital transformation programs sweeping across industries, enterprises are finding new way to deliver top-quality products and services to end users, manage vendors and optimize internal process.
When it comes to digital transformation, IT has a significant role to play as a strategic driver of digitization, agility and innovation. The ERP Solution is already revolutionizing software delivery for many companies.
ERP (Enterprise resource planning)
A state-of-the-art ERP system is business software with functionality for every part of your business integrated into one robust solution.
The way of working before ERP solution
Companies use separate software systems for each function or departments like (Finance & accounting, distribution & manufacturing, production planning, supply chain management, sales, forecasting). The information needed to make business management decisions is difficult to attain, must be gathered from multiple sources and can be incomplete.
The ERP way
A well-designed ERP solution is able to process any type of transaction from every department in a single, integrated-solution, It can track business operations in real-time and provide timely accurate information to business managers.
ERP spans from manufacturing to quality control, to sales, forecasting and more. ERP are backed by robust reporting that gives business managers the insight they need to make decisions about their business today.
Benefits of ERP solutions
• Key business metrics are available in real-time.
• Instantly run status report
• Streamline operations & improve productivity
• Reduce redundant information
• Improve accuracy of production costing & forecasting
• Automate quality control.
With all its unique capabilities, I believe that ERP solution is one of the key of growth in digital transformation. Are there others? Let me know what you think.
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